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Teach young people to help each other – James Cathcart

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James Cathcart is CEO at the British Youth Council.

Radically alter the way we educate young people – Simon Newitt

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Dr Simon Newitt is Director at Off The Record (Bristol) @otrbristol

Engage young people in democracy – Liam Preston

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Liam Preston is former Chair of the British Youth Council (2010-2012).

Stop the death penalty – Richard Hughes

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As well as playing the drums in Keane, Richard has been involved in human rights campaign work with Amnesty International, including visiting Troy Davis on death row in 2009. Here, Richard draws on his experiences and his dedication to equality in calling for an end to the death penalty.

Adopt a 20mph speed limit in residential areas – Danny Dorling

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Adopting a default speed limit of 20mph in residential areas is a successful and growing road safety campaign, but it's also a driver for widespread social progress. Let Danny Dorling explain.

Happiness – Mark Williamson

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Dr Mark Williamson is Director of Action for Happiness. In his response to the What One Change question Mark asks us to put happiness at the heart of how we lead our lives, and he describes the impact this can have on our politics, our personal lives, our working lives and our communities.

Everyone should have two friends who are different from them – Jon Yates

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Having different friends has a positive impact on well-being, responsibility and the contribution young people can make in society.

Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy – Avy Joseph

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Avy Joseph introduces Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy - a psychotherapy based on the idea that people experience emotional and behavioural problems mainly because they hold self defeating, unhealthy beliefs. In his response, Avy describes the positive impact it offers for common societal issues.

Bring the biggest companies into public ownership – Hannah Sell

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Hannah Sell proposes that we "bring in to democratic public ownership the big companies - the banks, the big corporations - that dominate the British economy" and explains the impact this would have across society.

Compel all employers to publish pay ratios and achieve greater income equality – Bill Kerry

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Equality Trust co-founder Bill Kerry calls for all companies to publish their 'top-to-bottom' pay ratios - and asks the question "are people there to serve the economy or is the economy there to serve people?"

Amnesty International – global adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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Amnesty International calls for global adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as the one change that would have the biggest impact across the globe.

The importance of play – Antonia Dixey

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Antonia Dixey describes the role of play in the lives of both young people and adults, and the impact it has on decision-making, education and self development.