What One Change is about sharing our knowledge about how society works. It’s also about discovering root causes of progress – single changes that impact many different social issues. We do this by asking one simple question:

What ONE change would have the biggest positive impact on society?


Despite our many achievements we still experience profound social problems – crime, violence, illiteracy, teenage pregnancies, poor mental health, lack of social cohesion, poor physical health, low social mobility. Social problems persist, they are numerous and complex in nature, and they impact us all.

But why is this? And is there a common link between them? The What One Change project aims to answer these questions, and follows two guiding principles;

  1. We have the knowledge and experience today to solve our social problems.
    Our society is governed by politics, so naturally we look to our politicians for answers. Yet there are many other people we can also learn from, people whose daily work or research gives them valuable experience and insight into what really makes a difference to society. People like teachers, social workers, psychologists, economists, mental health experts, sociologists, religious leaders, philosophers, academics, journalists, social entrepreneurs – and politicians too.
  2. Our society requires the means of addressing problems in a coordinated, non-emotional, non-political way.
    Our 4-5 year political terms are more conducive to focusing on short-term targets rather than developing long-term programs for lasting social change. But this isn’t just about our political system. The growth of social media has led to a proliferation of views and ideas, yet our ability to learn from those ideas has not grown with it. If we are to learn by sharing ideas and knowledge, we will require new tools to help us all to really learn from each other.

Where do we start?

We can start by listening to the people who have knowledge, ideas and experience to offer – and by sharing and debating their ideas. This is the purpose of the What One Change project – to understand what changes will make the biggest difference, and in so doing generate the will to make those changes.

If you’d like to share your ideas about root causes of social progress, tell us your one change.

If you’d like to get involved or contribute in any other way, please get in touch.