Danny Dorling is an author and professor of Human Geography who has dedicated his career to exposing the social costs of inequality. In his response to the What One Change question, Danny focuses on the Twenty’s Plenty campaign for 20mph speed limits in all residential areas. Having been successfully adopted in several cities around the UK already, the campaign has already reported an impressive reduction in road deaths and serious injuries. However as a driver of broader social change, Danny suggests that the campaign’s benefits go further still – from the positive impact on our daily environment, to helping us re-engage with our community and campaigning for the bigger changes we want.

About Danny Dorling

Danny Dorling is a Professor of Geography in the University of Sheffield, leading the Social and Spatial Inequalities research group. He is also Adjunct Professor in the Department of Geography, University of Canterbury, NZ, and Visiting Professor in the Department of Social Medicine, University of Bristol, UK.

He is the honorary president of the Society of Cartographers and a founder of the Worldmapper.org project. In 2009 he was awarded (for work with colleagues) the Gold Award of the Geographical Association and the Back Award of the Royal Geographical Society for his work on national and international public policy.

Danny is the author of Injustice: Why Social Inequality Exists, a detailed distillation of 20 years’ research into the effects of neo-liberal economic policy on Britain’s social fabric, and So You Think You Know About Britain? – a study of Britain’s ever-increasing inequalities.

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