Speaking to What One Change, Amnesty International offered their response to the question of what one change  would have the biggest positive impact on society: that all countries sign up to and implement the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

Niall Couper, a spokesperson for Amnesty International, summarised the current situation – “the big problem is that very few countries have actually signed up to that convention and we would want every country not just to sign up but to actually agree to it.” And in terms of the impact of the UHDR, it could mean looking at “the end of torture, the end of the death penalty, proper justice for all, and free education for all.”

Watch the video. Add your comments, share it, or just have a think about it. We hope you find it thought provoking.

For more information read this definition of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on Wikipedia.

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  • whatonechange 7 years ago

    Big thanks to Amnesty International for offering this response. This is exactly what the debate around ‘root causes’ is about – focusing on big ideas that can act as a catalyst for wide-scale change.
    The UDHR has fascinating origins and history and, if you’re not already familiar with its principles, certainly worth researching further as you consider its potential impact for root change.