Avy Joseph introduces Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy – an approach to psychotherapy established by Albert Ellis and based on the idea that people experience emotional and behavioural problems mainly because they hold self defeating, unhealthy beliefs.

About Avy Joseph
Avy Joseph is a renowned Cognitive Behavioural Therapist with an extensive background in Clinical Hypnosis. He is a director and co-founder of CityMinds as well as the training organisation CCBH Ltd. In 2009 he published Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Your Route Out of Perfectionism, Self-sabotage and Other Everyday Habits.

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  • John Hogan 7 years ago

    Absolutely agree. If we were better able to put our personal vulnerabilities aside and accept ourselves (and others) more readily, most of the conflicts around the world wouldn’t have happened (an unprovable assumption, I know). A good choice of interview as it shows the field of psychology doesn’t just offer solutions at an individual level but has answers to the bigger questions too.

  • A good answer. This is also one of the pre-requisites for enabling true Dialogue to take place, and something that is missing from our political and social landscape. Implementation could be another story but as a candidate for ‘root change’ it has some strengths…

  • REBT is amazing! I love this video. I’ve read dozens of self-help books over the years but “Think Your Way To Happiness” by Dr Windy Dryden, which introduced me to REBT (or RBT as it was known back then), was definitely the most powerful. It has literally transformed my life for the better. When you get used to practicing REBT techniques, it makes you into a far better, happier, more emotionally stable person.