Richard Hughes became involved with Amnesty International in their campaign to save Troy Davis. After visiting Troy on death row, Richard used his profile to help raise further awareness of the campaign. Sadly Troy Davis was executed in September 2011, but the campaign continues, as does Richard’s dedication to equality and his belief that we must put an end to the death penalty.

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  • I think Richards an amazing and compassionate person I supported his campaign to save Troy Davis a remarkable and brave man and the thought he was possibly innocent is a tragedy, we must stop it happening again. Rita .x

  • Barbara 6 years ago

    I believe Richard is an incredible human being and we all should learn a bit from his humbleness and compassion. He’s a freaking rockstar and he could be selfish and egocentric because of his fame but he’s helping other people everyday, anytime. That’s something to appreciate.

  • Johanna 6 years ago

    I agree. Just only for the simple reason: Death Penalty, a law, which allows to kill people is kind of weird. Not to mention, if the person is innocent or not. Gladly, I live in a country without Death Penalty. Also, it´s not an effective law which reduces crimes. Otherwise there wouldn´t be violent crimes in countries with Death Penalty. So, the point of people who commit crimes they don´t even care about this law. The best of course would be if people wouldn´t commit crimes, but which reasons they might have, I see they don´t stop them, just because of the Death Penalty. It´s an ill argument to tell people Death Penalty makes life safer. Or it´s ok, when a country decides to kill a person. I just feel so sorry, for all the innocent persons who got killed, because the law had to kill them. Is this justice? I also do feel sorry for the innocent persons who were killed by others without any protection of the law.
    I like Richards argument: when people/human think they´re better then animals, we should change something and could make a start by not killing each other. I appreciate Richards engagement even after Troy Davis death he is doing.

  • Marcy 6 years ago

    Thanks for taking a stand Richard! it’s a good thing you’re doing.